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>Sallyo. (cowering behind the abrricades because all you lot will throw
>bombs at me!)

        You may well cower!  How DARE you have an opinion of your own???  ;)

        Actually, I did take the bio with a pinch of salt, knowing his 
tendency to--shall we say--exaggerate?  Especially when he opens by saying 
that it's all true.  But even allowing for poetic license and downright 
lying, there was enough of a feeling of telling it how it was (I'm thinking 
mostly about the headmaster of Repton part)  to make me think, "Well, no 
wonder" about his stories.  I shall have to go and read it again with more 
attention, and think again.

>I upset a whole class of children once... they asked me my opinion of Dahl
>and I gave it. They were shocked. They told me it was All True because
>they'd read his autobiography (or else talked to a friend whose friend had
>read it...).

        So young, so innocent.

>They told me Dahl had had a terrible childhood. I asked them
>who said so? And they said It Was In The Book.

        You know, it's strange, but I never thought of him as having a 
terrible childhood.  Some sad things happened I suppose.  But what I chiefly 
remember is a sort of feeling of him just telling what happened; sort of 
observations about how cruel people can be just because they are in a 
position to get away with it.  And that rang true to me.  But I didn't feel 
sorry for him, because he didn't seem to feel that sorry for himself.     And 
the other weird thing--and this is off the point--I could hear his voice in 
my head as I read.  I don't know if you've ever heard any of his recordings 
of his stories, but he has a very distinctive voice, and I read the whole 
book hearing his voice in my mind instead of my own 'mental voice' if you 
know what I mean.  Weird.

bye for now!
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