Marian Dreams

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>It's a girl. _Marian Dreams_.  I can't recall the author but I'll
>try to remember to check tonight (I have this book).  Very very
>creepy book, actually.

Ooh thank you thank you!  Off to check barnesandnoble to see if it's 

>Me: Should we install Microsoft products or Applixware?
>Magic 8 Ball: Outlook not good.

        Took me a minute but LOL!

Max xxx

I'm pasting this in before I send it, because I can't keep up with all the 
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>Marianne Dreams, by Catherine Storr. It's Marianne who gets the pencil...

        Much rejoicing in Max's house tonight!

>It was made into a film called THE PAPER HOUSE.

        Really?  Is it good? Close to the story?  I foresee a trip to the 
video store in my future...

Thank you both!
Max xxx
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