Doomed characters and Material Goods

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>Partly arising from, I
>just realized as I read the above that (eureka! of course!) I always
>identified absolutely with the Bad!  So I didn't find it comforting At All
>that there was no wriggle room in such a dichotomous picture, since it meant
>I was as Doomed as any of the Bad characters, and apparently deservedly so,
>according to the story.  This also goes a long way toward explaining my
>fierce devotion to Mitt as my all time favorite character.

        Eustace and Edmund were always my favorite humans in the Narnia 

>And welcome back Max!

        {{{Elise!}}} xoxox!

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>It's unusual to have neither television or automobile, but hardly unique. I 
>have neither myself. (Nor vacumn cleaner, toaster, dishwasher or any number 
>of commonly aquired widgets.)

        Wow!  I wish I could live that unclutteredly--that's cool.  I am a 
dreadful packrat, and I love gadgets, especially small ones that serve no 
useful purpose whatsoever, but make neat noises or spin or something.  So our 
house is full of knick-knacks that drive Mark to despair.  I'm frightened of 
microwave ovens though.

>I think that people watch too much news on television 
>anyway. It makes them paranoid.

        You can say that again.  Plus it's really depressing, and never about 
things you can do anything about or really need to know.  For those of you 
who Need To Know What's Really Going On And Just How They're Going To Get 
You, and who don't get easily depressed (not me) there's an interesting site 
with all the news you're not getting but which seems kind of important to 

It's the site for Project Censored.  But don't go there if you're in a good 
mood.  Only if you're already feeling angry.  I can't go there at all 
often--maybe once in six months; if you're not paranoid already, you will be 
by the time you've read one article.

And on the subject of sites, here's another one that only takes a minute to 
visit and will make you feel you're doing something worthwhile:

you can donate a cup of rice to feed someone who needs it, just by clicking a 
(I hope it's for real and not one of those urban legend hoax things...Deborah 
knows why I'm blushing) but I go there and click anyway, just in case.

Some time later...
Eeek, I went upstairs to get some tea and something to eat, and now there's a 
million messages!

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