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Mon Dec 13 22:05:30 EST 1999

On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, Sally Odgers wrote:

> I upset a whole class of children once... they asked me my opinion
> of Dahl and I gave it. They were shocked. They told me it was All
> True because they'd read his autobiography (or else talked to a
> friend whose friend had read it...). They told me Dahl had had a
> terrible childhood. I asked them who said so? And they said It Was
> In The Book.
> Then I asked them what Dahl wrote for a living......

This thought occurred to me when the Dahl discussion started. If I
hadn't been avoiding it, I would have posted a message pointing out
this interesting cuase/effect thing:
Did Dahl write stories like that because, for him, life was like that?
Or did he write his life story like that because that's the way he

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