an introduction, of sorts

jenwa jhsung at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 13 20:06:28 EST 1999

name: jenwa hsung
occupation: student, MIT, senior, thesis-writer, GRE-taker, MIT Science Fiction
	Society President and Skinner, procrastinator, aspiring geologist and
	suppressed historian [or, in the words of a friend of mine, modern day
	geologist and female samurai], buyer of field camping goods, singer
	(classical, choral, and otherwise), former pianist (casualty of college),
	occasional square-dancer, UNIX-user, twinkie
alternate occupation: (The Angle of) Death
alternate alternate occupation: big sister to the masses (or at least a number
	of specially-selected individuals), marathon scritcher,
	conversationalist, sporadic corresponder with many people from that
	place i at least occasionally think of as home, Minnesota
true occupation: used (and new, unfortunately) book fiend, adorer of museums,
	appreciator, game player of many kinds, story lover

i believe my first dwj novel with Witch Week, though i wouldn't swear to it, as
my sense of time and sequence has been off for years.  for the next few years,
whenever i saw one of her books for sale at Ye Olde Chain Bookstore i would buy
it, thereby acquiring the Lives of Christopher Chant, Charmed Life, Eight Days
of Luke, and Dogsbody.   when i arrived in middle school, to my great pleasure
the library there -- which was also my homeroom in 7th grade, as well as the
place i got to hang out in instead of having a math class -- had quite a large
number of her books which i promptly devoured.  and then i found a goodly number
more at the local public libraries [my favorite of which they tore down and
built a shiny new version of that i find totally soulless... i miss the old Young
Adult section with that desperate hollow-chest feeling i think of as
homesickness] i think it was around then that i became truly fanatical about
dwj and have been ever since, though i had been trying to coerce  my friends
into reading Lives of CC and CL previous to that.  i love having younger
brothers!  i can't seems to allow myself to agree on a list of my favorite dwj
books, though i can say i think A Sudden Wild Magic was my least favorite, and
it's unclear to me how much i really will end up liking Time of the Ghost.  I'm
also just a touch less fond of the Dalemark books... but only that little bit...
and not including the Spellcoats, for reasons i can't quite explain.  my reading
is dominated by sf and fantasy and books for my history classes, though recently
i discovered the joys of the Boston Public Library and Curious George Goes to
Wordsworth and have been reading and re-reading lots of children's books.  and
i've become hooked on Georgette Heyer novels, thanks to you people and Jessie
Shelton's mother.  i do like lots of things that aren't sf and fantasy and
children's books... i just don't get around to reading them as often.

i also discovered recently that i've become extremely good at walking around MIT,
Cambridge, Somerville, and the Back Bay while reading.  if only i had developed
this skill earlier!

if any of the new people are in the States and want to join the list of People
Who Want To See Archer's Goon, a videotape of the British tv series that is
slowly making it's way around the country, just drop me an email.

and as this has already gotten much longer than i had originally intended it to
be, i think i should stop now.
will be sending in my list soon, now that i only have one final left.

note: does anyone else find they pick of the speech patterns of the books they
read?  i've been wandering around wanting to say "it doesn't signify" and other
such phrases for the last several months.
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