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Mon Dec 13 19:07:20 EST 1999

> That's an interesting comment.  Heinlein (in _The Door into Summer_, I
> divides people into two sorts:  Dog people and cat people.

He did. I'm both. I always thought I was cat-only until I married a dog
person and learned to love dogs. Now we have an antique spaniel
(Ace-the-Snout) and an young JackRussel X (Tess Toad Tummy) and the cat you
have when you're not having a cat - Rose. She eats and leaves to spend the
rest of the day lurking under bushes and snoozing. Ungrateful creature! She
really doesn't like people at all and I think it must be genetic since
we've had her since kitten-hood and she'd never been mistreated. About once
a month she'll suddenly register my existence and say "Wow-oww?" I stroke
her, she claws me. And that's that.

> Georgette Heyer, who is definitely a dog person.

Beatrice Brandon is a Dog person too. Monica Edwards was a Cat Person.

> found I was watching it for about 1 hour a month, and that didn't justify
> (in the UK considerable) cost of keeping a TV set.

I watch 4 hours a week at the moment; - BUFFY and STARGATE and THE BILL.
When they're on, I watch HEARTBEAT (sometimes) and SEACHANGE (always). My
favourite TV show was DR WHO, but they seem to have lost it.

	Suzo’s scalp prickled and she shuddered. “But he’s—”
	“Dead,” said Tad hollowly. “I know that, you know that. The question is,
does he know that?”

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