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>the TV exists for watching videos and xena.


>Then again, those of us in the people's
>republic of Cambridge and Somerville Massachusetts are lucky
>enough not to need cars.

        Lucky so and so's!  Not to mention all those bookstores!  <salivating>
>Come on, someone on the Diana Wynne Jones list has to admit to
>being a huge soap opera fan, who reads DWJ books between monster
>track rallies and makeovers.  We can't all be PBS (for
>non-Americans, snooty public television station) poster
>children.  I admit, I devour trashy romance novels.

        <guilty snicker> I don't watch soap operas because I can never keep 
track of all the plots.  I've read a few trashy romances in my time, though.  
And I like Jilly Cooper's 'name' books (Imogen, Harriet, Prudence, Emily etc) 
because I'm a sucker for romance, and they're really funny--a winning 
combination.  There, that's my shameful secret out in the open for everyone 
to scoff at!  Go ahead!  I'll still read them on a dreary rainy Sunday!

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