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<< I'd also like to mention the name of Robert Westall here. Philip was 
talking about the sort of fiction "cat people" write, and Westall, another of 
my favourite authors, fitsvery definitely into this category.Lots of his 
fiction is about cats, and has a cat as narrator. Well worth reading!

        I'd second that!  "The Cats of Seroster," and "Yaxley's Cat" (eeek!).

        Amanda, maybe you know--which is the one by Westall about the boy 
whose house is bombed out, and he goes on the road alone only it turns out 
his family's alive after all?  I can't remember it very well except I think 
at one point he gets cut off by the tide and has to climb some sort of tower 
or something?  Oh dear.  so much for summary (or memory.)  I just remember it 
made a big impact on me.  (hee hee, I'm just thinking about how stupid that 
last statement sounds in light of the fact that I can't actually remember the 
PLOT or anything!)  But anyhow, it made an impact emotionally--something 
about growing up, and how life isn't how you expect it to be.

And while I'm in questioning mood--does anyone remember ever having read a 
book about a boy (I think) ill in bed, who gets a magic, indelible drawing 
pencil, and the drawings come true?  I think there may have been a Marian or 
a Madeleine or someone in it.  Anyone?  That one's been haunting me for 
years, but I can't remember the title or the author, or in fact anything 
useful.  sigh.

bye for now.
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