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Mon Dec 13 17:48:12 EST 1999

It's unusual to have neither television or automobile, but hardly unique. I 
have neither myself. (Nor vacumn cleaner, toaster, dishwasher or any number 
of commonly aquired widgets.) 

I will admit that I did once have a T.V. When I hadn't turned it on for six 
months because there was absolutely nothing I wanted to watch, I sold it. 
That was in '71. I think that people watch too much news on television 
anyway. It makes them paranoid.

The car is a different story. I HAD an old banger (1977, five minor wrecks) 
of a civic up until '94, when it died, and I haven't been able to afford 
replacing it. I sincerely INTEND to have a car again one day, but you'll 
notice that it has been five years and I am no closer to that goal. I end up 
having to rent one a couple of times a year when I need to haul the computer 
into the shop or something, or one of the tribal rites is being held down in 
Orange effing County where the bus service makes the MTA look positively 
adequate. Otherwise it's life in the slow lane. (Although the Metro Red Line 
has already made a tremendous difference.) It's a good thing I DO live in the 
inner city...
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