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 the TV exists for watching videos and xena.  The car exists
 because after six months of not having one all our friends were
 getting cranky because they felt they were obliged to drive us
 places (they weren't!)  And when we were offered a cheap used
 car we thought it would preserve peace in the crowd.  But we use
 it to pick up cat litter (thus I answer another thread,
 indirectly) once a week, and occasionally to visit my parents.
 That's about it.  Then again, those of us in the people's
 republic of Cambridge and Somerville Massachusetts are lucky
 enough not to need cars.

 Come on, someone on the Diana Wynne Jones list has to admit to
 being a huge soap opera fan, who reads DWJ books between monster
 track rallies and makeovers.  We can't all be PBS (for
 non-Americans, snooty public television station) poster
 children.  I admit, I devour trashy romance novels.

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Can the gods catch flu?  I think I may have given it to all of them.
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On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Irina Rempt wrote:

|On Mon, 13 Dec 1999 Philip.Belben at wrote:
|> I get strange looks for saying I'm a Christian, and stranger ones
|> for saying I collect old computers, but the strangest looks I get
|> are always when I say I don't have a TV. And people are
|> flabbergasted when I say I got rid of the TV [must be nearly 8]
|> years ago because there was nothing worth watching on it. I found I
|> was watching it for about 1 hour a month, and that didn't justify
|> the (in the UK considerable) cost of keeping a TV set.
|Same reason here, down to the considerable cost. Have you also had
|the question "then what do you *do* in the evenings?" :-)
|We don't have a car either, which is every bit as strange in the eyes
|of some people. I got into an argument with a man in the supermarket
|(I don't remember how it started, probably because he was reading a
|headline in the paper about petrol prices going up and commenting on
|that) who *insisted* that we *do* use cars, only we're too lazy or
|too miserly to have our own, "every time you need a car you ask the
|neighbours to drive you!". He couldn't believe that we don't, only
|very occasionally use a taxi to go to the hospital or things like
|that. It's not all principle: Boudewijn's eyes are too bad to drive,
|mine are extremely good (180% and 150% of normal, according to my
|latest general checkup) but don't work together properly so I can't
|judge distance, and anyway both of us hate it.

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