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>I am now buying so many secondhand books - there is a really good bookshop in
>Leicester that specialises in secondhand fantasy and SF, not to mention another
>fantasy shop in Leicester, a really good secondhand bookshop in Loughborough,
>and several charity shops and a market stall on my weekly shopping trip - that I
>have difficulty keeping up with reading them.  Result, I almost never now visit
>the library - this must be the third stage?

I don't go to the library very often now.  This is a result of having too
many children to be able to browse successfully.  Back in the Old Country
(i.e. Vancouver Washington) the library system was accessible from my home
computer.  Well, sure, most libraries are nowadays.  The difference was that
(and I know I've blathered about this before) when you placed a hold request
on a book, you had the option of having it shipped to your doorstep rather
than having to go in to the actual library.  I did this a LOT.  Now that I
can't any more...I don't go to the library.  There are still a lot of books
I want to read, most of them not SF, but it's not worth the hassle.

And I don't want to get into the fact that apparently we are all Illiterate
Heathens in my part of the city, since there are no bookstores of any kind
closer than 10 miles away from my home....

>I also have difficulty storing the books....

On this note, here's a link to an article from the New York Times that was
posted on the Alexlit newsgroup:

(You may need to "subscribe" to read it, but that's just getting a password
and they've never once sent me junk email as a result.)

I found it profoundly depressing, for some reason.

Melissa Proffitt
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