Cat people vs. dog people (was: Re: Introductions)

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Mon Dec 13 16:02:04 EST 1999

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999 16:33:22 +0000, Philip.Belben at wrote:

>This is the third introduction I've replied to today, so something must be
>wrong.  However Irina has said things that I cannot leave without comment, so:
>>             Least favourite is _Dogsbody_, but I don't have much
>> affinity with dogs.
>That's an interesting comment.  Heinlein (in _The Door into Summer_, I think)
>divides people into two sorts:  Dog people and cat people.
>I have found that a lot of authors I like seem to be cat people.  DWJ, Heinlein,
>Firtz Leiber and Tanith Lee all spring to mind.  The exception seems to be
>Georgette Heyer, who is definitely a dog person.
>Is there a pattern here?  Do cat people write (or read) speculative fiction
>while dog people write in other genres?

Well, I think Robin McKinley, despite the lovely wild cat in _The Blue
Sword_, is a dog person.  Okay, a horse person too.

>Anyway, I am a cat person myself, and I really liked Dogsbody.  Perhaps because
>there are cats as major characters as well as the dogs, perhaps because my
>parents are dog people and some of it rubbed off on me (like the dog's hair!)

I'm a cat person.  I liked _Dogsbody_ just fine.  I even liked the dog in
that book (as opposed to just liking the cat characters). But then, being a
cat person only means that I prefer cats.  I still like dogs, but I don't
really want to own any and I can't stand the yappy little mutts who should
by all rights be strapped to the end of a long stick and used for a dust
mop. :)

Melissa Proffitt
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