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Where to begin...

My name is Anita Graham, I'm 42 and live in Perth, Western Australia. I
have three young children and work fulltime (at the moment), while my
husband stays home and lives off the fat of the land. (Just JOKING). I work
as an IT manager (some days) and a system administrator (other days), and
*then* I like to read my email etc at home. many of you have struck chords with the other books in my
life...that rather than list what I do read, I'll have to admit, instead,
that I've never read Pratchett or Gaiman. I finished Freedom and Necessity
last night (after several late night readings, all the rest of my time
being absorbed by work, family and email). I'm not even sure what I think
about it, so I'll have to read it again. It certainly fits into lots of
categories (romance, murder, thriller, Heyerish, and didn't you think James
Cobham was really Lord Peter Wimsey in ways, and of course a very, very
modern novel at the same time.)

I collect children's books, and I have lots of SF&F, and lots of english
murder mysteries (Agatha Christie, Marjorie Allingham, Ruth Rendell and
P.D. James.) I do have Ellis Peters as well, and can't quite see the people
who seem to link Sayers and Peters. I have a full set of Chalet books (but
not all hardcovers). Hmmm... maybe I will finish the book catalogue (its
mainly the children's book at the moment.) and put bits on a web page.
(SallyO has done that, and I enjoyed reading through it!).

Recent reading: Robin McKinley. More DWJ (acquired Wilkin's Tooth,
Dogsbody, and several others). From this list - Lois McMaster Bujold - I am
still about halfway through Cordelia's Honour. The Dave Luckett first book
is in the currently being read pile, too.

Favourite underestimated author: Cherry Wilder.

What else...I am a rereader. I read for comfort a lot - although as my
children get older and I get more sleep I am more capable of reading for
stimulation and surprise.

I love Deep Secret best of the DWJ books. I think my first DWJ book was
probably Magicians of Caprona - and I think it was maybe last year -
certainly not long ago. I'm not (as you can see) a life long fan...but I
will be reading and reading her stuff.

As a reader, I am not particularly critical. Sure, if I don't like a book,
I won't read into it. But I am not a great analyst either, so although, for
instance I love Deep Secret, I don't really know why. There's something
very sweet and special about it, though.

I also have a lot of trouble getting past crises (and even worse,
foreshadowed crises) in books. I need to be reassured that its worth
getting past the "terrible thing" to finish some books. Margaret Attwood's
"The Handmaid's Tale" was one like that, and so are many of Sherri
Tepper's. I still haven't dared return to "Gibbon's Decline and Fall", my
sense of disaster happening was so great. I am a Sherri Tepper fan,
nonetheless, and would recommend her "The Family Tree" to anyone! Its a
very clever and enjoyable book, and having read it, you *have* to read it
at least once more. (Any more information and I would be spoiling it for

I don't go to movies (I hate being dragged in to the story), and for just a
year we didn't have TV. Then my husband "wondered" if we could link the
video player up to the Mac Video-in card, and lo and behold, I have to
fight for access to my computer because the children are watching Pokemon!

Oh well, enough I think...


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