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On Sat, 11 Dec 1999 01:36:26 EST, Courtney M Eckhardt wrote:

>I can totally understand this as well... I *hate* sitcoms with a royal
>purple passion equal to my hatred Barney and Goodnight Moon (from too
>many years of babysitting and reading and watching brainless things
>with children who were not give what I woudl call quality
>entertainment).  I cannot *stand* any entertainment where humor is
>derived from the constant and repetitive humiliation of the characters
>one is supposed to be empathizing with... for a variety of reasons.
>The first is that I never had any patience whatsoever with people who
>could not learn from their own mistakes.  The second stems from the
>fact that frequent acute humiliations comprise a large number of my
>most vivid childhood memories, and I cannot watch a sitcom without
>reliving every dumb thing I have ever done like a horror movie in my
>own head.  

I enjoy most sitcoms, I'm afraid.  And I laughed myself silly at "Something
about Mary" which is very much based on the pain and suffering of the cast.
The humor of humiliation can be too broad, and I dislike the modern trend to
make everything very crude.  That said, I'm a typical male in my movie
tastes and love shows like "Better off Dead", "Dumb and Dumber", and
"Something about Mary".

The reason I like them is because I *do* see myself in the characters, in an
odd and distorted way.  I would never go to the extent of the characters,
but I recognize the capability for silliness in myself and appreciate the
predicaments and find humor in them.  I don't expect much growth in an hour
and half movie, so I'm not terribly worried about learning from ones
mistakes, though if the same situation presents itself over and over that
becomes tedious fast.

Jacob Proffitt
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