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Deirdre Behan dbehan at
Sat Dec 11 16:31:54 EST 1999

I've just tried Alexlit for recommendations and I have been amazed and slightly
frightened: I started reading Bujold because of this list and she's their number
one recommendation for me. They also recommend Neal Stephenson, Jane Austen,
Susan Cooper and Neil Gaiman. I haven't read Gaiman but the others are people I
read all the time.

Just going through Alexlit has been quite good for assembling my survey list,
which I realise is hopeless, because I keep adding to it, but it did remind me of
my extreme hatred of Alan Garner - I'm finding that the hardest category to fill
in. (In general I just hate high fantasy so don't read it.) In my mind it was
always Garner vs Cooper, if that's any help to the Cooper debate, which is a
reflection of the time that I read the books - the late 70s.

As regards introductions, I mostly lurk, but my name is Deirdre and I live in
Dublin. I'm 31 and I started out life as a photographer but them got sucked into
the great world of multimedia. At the moment I'm teaching a course in writing for
multimedia in Dublin City University which has been great and has given me an
opportunity to talk to my students about DWJ. I used her in a class where we
talked about where writers get their influences and used the interview from
Charmed Lives where she talks about the war and her realtionship with her parents
( They were
particularly  struck by the way she spoke about her mother. She had been asked if
people she bases her characters on ever recognise themselves, especially the

"If it's my mother, yes. She's in all of them, actually, and she's always a
villain. And so far, she's not managed to recognise herself at all. She says
sadly, "Oh, there's always an evil older woman in these." I intend her to know. I
hope she does."

And on that note I shall go back to assembling my survey.


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