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Sat Dec 11 14:34:25 EST 1999

I've been putting this off because of arthritis (to the point that I
knew I wouldn't die of it, but wish I could, like seasickness) and a
general surfeit of real life, but here goes:

I'm Irina, forty-one, happily married to a DWJ fan who doesn't have
time for the list though I forward tidbits to him, three bright
daughters (Naomi who is almost 6 and 4-year-old twins Rebecca and
Menna), two cats, one small house soon to be exchanged for a much
larger one to accommodate the ever-growing children and about 8000

I work erratically as a free-lance translator of mostly computer
books, maintain the web page for our Russian Orthodox parish (I'm not
Russian, but took the name Irina when I joined the church because my
birth name is useless), sing first alto in the choir, do a theology
course every other Saturday, cook (housework is a necessary evil
though grocery shopping is fun), play and GM role-playing games, and
have recently taken up folk dancing again after an absence of more
than ten years. My main hobby is my made-up world, Valdyas, always
under development, as well as its language. As well as countless
other little things that I do when I have time, or will do again when
I have space (like sewing).

My first DWJ book must have been either _The Spellcoats_ or _Cart and
Cwidder_ in an atrocious Dutch translation (but the illustrations are
splendid) when I was in my early teens. Later, I read the Dutch
version of _Eight Days of Luke_ and the translation of *that* almost
put me off altogether, until I fell in love with someone who had a
copy of _Power of Three_ in the Puffin edition. I knew I should have
stolen it when we broke up!

My current DWJ favourite is _Deep Secret_, closely followed by _Fire
and Hemlock_. Least favourite is _Dogsbody_, but I don't have much
affinity with dogs.

Like most people here (it seems), I also like Terry Pratchett and
Dorothy Sayers, her essays as much as her fiction. I've kind of gone
off Tolkien, who was my absolute favourite when I was fourteen (spent
*all* my holiday money on a beautiful three-volume set of LotR). I've
just discovered Lois McMaster Bujold on a recommendation by
Alexandria, and I'm looking for Emma Bull.

Most of my favourite music is either folk (Geraldine McGowan!) or
from the 12th to 16th centuries, but I can also appreciate modern a
cappella choral music and really old jazz.

I don't have a favourite TV show - no TV! It used to be Star Trek
when there was still only the original series. We'll probably have a
TV in the near future, but I don't think I'll watch much, only
cartoons and the junior news with the kids, and an occasional James
Bond or Marx Brothers film. It's not principle so much as lack of
interest, and now that we have a cable modem TV seems a very outdated

I like colourful clothes - just bought a purple patchwork velvet
jacket to wear for Christmas - but I don't often have the courage to
wear them, and I've just had my longish greyish-brownish hair tinted
a bright coppery chestnut which *looks* like it should be my natural
colour, because I have pale skin and lots of freckles.

My main vices: NetHack and chocolate with nuts in. Preferably in
combination :-)


            Varsinen an laynynay, saraz no arlet rastynay.
irina at (myself) - (Valdyas) (home)

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