Long time, no see.

Tanaquil2 at aol.com Tanaquil2 at aol.com
Sat Dec 11 11:42:36 EST 1999

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sodgers at hotnet.net.au writes:

>Congratulations on....Emma <g>.
    Relishing it!  We have many a long discussion on DWJ; subversively give 
her books to friends and familiy as birthday presents; etc, etc.  Oh, the 
joys of a child who loves books too.  ;)

>I did try to send this privately, by the way, but it bounced back.

    Oh, shoot!  I forgot!  @#$%^ junk e-mail!  I forgot I blocked everything 
except people in my address book because of offensive junk e-mails.  I don't 
dare unblock because I was getting really indundated.  What I will do is put 
you in my address book as an individual, and anyone else, too, on the list.  
I think I can get people's addresses from the headers, as postings come in?  
Anyway, I'll have a shot.

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