Long time, no see.

Tanaquil2 at aol.com Tanaquil2 at aol.com
Sat Dec 11 09:48:35 EST 1999

Hey, Strangers;

Please excuse the WAY longer than intended delay between posts (3 
months--blush).  I unsubscribed for a while because school was getting too 
hectic.  BUT I'm about two thirds done with one novel, and have a rough 
outline and brief intro to number two, so I'm happy.

But I MISSED you guys.  No more checking my e-mail at three in the morning 
for my daily fix of DWJ insights.  Can't even remember what the topics under 
discussion were when I unsubscribed--although I do seem to remember something 
about grilled cheese sandwiches from Melissa?  Elise?  Oh my sad, sad neurons.

I did try checking the archives yesterday, but they seem to only go as far as 
July, so I may be linking to the wrong place.

So...what did I miss?

-Max (smiling all over because my last packet for the semester is done and in 
the mail, so I get to read DWJ posts again.  Wahoo!!)

Oh, wait...can't sign off without a PS! and it is that my 9 year old 
daughter, Emma, is now "Officially A Diana Wynne Jonesian"--I finally got a 
copy of "Dark Lord of Derkholm" and guess who read it first and wouldn't give 
it back until she had read it twice in a row?  Yup, Emma.  Then she told me, 
"Mom, you really should read it."  (She is not new to DWJ by any means, but 
this is the first time she's read something of hers before me.  Oh, the 

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