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Sat Dec 11 04:48:11 EST 1999

Hi, Tarja - and all the others as well!

I think the time to delurk myself is at hand. I've been hiding back here
and enjoying your conversation over changing topics since this list was
formed. Until I saw Tarja's message I thought I was the only FInn on this
So, I am Satu Hlinovsky, a literature addict. I live in Helsinki, Finland
and study English as my major (just like you, Tarja) although I'm
currently living and studying in Prague in order to improve my Czech
skills. I'm 25, married with no children, and at the moment quite
unhappy about the fact, that although Prague is a near-paradise for book
lovers with its reasonable (read: inexpensive) price level and fairly good
selection of books, (very good on SF) they don't seem to like fantasy
literature, here. I haven't been able to find any DWJ books, or any other
that I've been looking for, for that matter.

> Hi, I'm Tarja (pronounced Tar-ee-ah) Rainio, just turned 30 (last Thursday
> to be exact) and live in Helsinki, Finland. I study English and Comparative
> Literature at the Helsinki University and should be starting my master's
> thesis in a few months. It will be on the rewritten fairy tales by Sheri S.
> Tepper, Angela Carter and Anne Sexton, but the actual handling of the
> material is still fairly vague at this point =).

I'm interested with your choice of topic. I wrote my proseminar paper (I
guess one could call it BA thesis, no?) on the translation problems of
DWJs Deep Secret - and in the process translated several chapters of the
book in Finnish.

> My first DWJ was Charmed Life in a Finnish translation. I discovered it at
> the book-devouring stage when I was carrying home piles of books from the
> library. Other favourites at the time were LeGuin's Earthsea books,
> Tolkien's books and lots of other books.  Only three of DWJ's books have
> been translated into Finnish, which means that I had problems finding her
> work before I learned English well enough to read them in the original
> language. But nowadays most of most of the books I read are in English.
> I read mostly fantasy and science fiction, but also other kinds of
> literature...

Sounds almost as if written by my hand. I wonder why so many have started
their relationship with DWJ books by reading Charmed life at the age of
about ten (as I did)? My favourite DWJ at the moment is Deep Secret, but I
havn't managed to get my hands on every book, so the rating may change in 
the future. I also like several other authors: Neal Stephenson, Sheri
S. Tepper, Robert Holdstock, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchet and Orson Scott
Card - only to mention some...
> Reading  the discussions here has offered completely new viewpoints on the
books I love and sometimes made me see details in them that I have
> completely missed before, thanks everyone.

For me, too. And so thanks again, all of you!

Besides books I am also interested in several other things such as music,
hiking, languages, cooking, theatre, nature, travelling, scouting,
restoring old furniture, designing and making hats and dresses, board
games... just about everything (excluding politics). :)

Now I'm going to sit back and enjoy reading the rest of todays DWJ e-mail,
with which you have been kind enough to fill my mailbox almost every day
for some time now...


P.S. And, Tarja, perhaps we'll see each other in the Finncon 2000 ? 

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