Courtney M Eckhardt cme at MIT.EDU
Sat Dec 11 03:19:49 EST 1999

Now that I have finally caught up with all of my mail, I will take a
turn. :)

My name's Courtney, and I'm a computer addict- oh, sorry, wrong
intro. :P  Let's try again.

I'm a 20-yr-old who likes to call herself a college student, even
though I am currently taking time off to work and build up my
finances- it's expensive to pay for college all by yourself. :) I live
in Cambidge, MA, near Jenwa and Deborah. :) I'm signed up for a degree
in biology, but I may add computer science to that.  Currently I am
trying to teach myself 14 different things at once with regard to
system administration and various types of server setup and
maintenance so as to be able to get a more interesting job and better
my chances of leaving my current place of employment sooner rather
than later.

The first DWJ I ever read was Charmed Life, in approximately 6th
grade.  Our elementary school library had lots of books that were
considered suitable for childrent aht I coudl not *bear*- books
starring Billy with a crew cut and Susie who wanted to be old enough
to have a poodle skirt *just* like her big sister Sally and how Susie
always followed Billy and Johnny to catch frogs and explore cave not
because she really wanted to but because it was better than being
alone, even if the boys *were* mean... they were fiction, but dry and
bland, and totally unmagical, at least to my way of thinking.  I even
tried the shipmetn of books that came in the funny puffy thick red
plastic covers that were the only new books that the library acquired
during the totality of the sentence I served in that school, but
apparently a fourth grader who loved Tolkein did not, a year later,
find Ivanhoe even remotely interesting (although I did love A Girl of
the Limberlost and a book that I think was called The Princess and the
Goblin, and whatever its sequel was).

Finally, after all of the shiny red plastic books had been used up or
discarded in despair and the library had been fully ransacked without
any luck and with nothing I wanted to reread, I took down the book
that a friend and the librarian had reccomended to me maybe two years
before.  It wasn't the first time; I had taken it down, looked at it,
reread the blurb inside the jacket flap, and put it back many times in
during that period.  The jacket was, to my young and escapist eyes,
horribly unmagical and very much in the flavor of modern art, which I
despised (like the sketches in a Shell Silverstein book), and the
blurb was very poorly written.  But I had finally gotten desperate
enough to try it anyway, so I signed it out.  And was instantly

Charmed Life was the only DWJ that library had, but I found that the
public libraries in my town had quite a selection of her books, some
of which I have since discovered are rare and expensive in this
country, when purchased in hardcover (F&H for $125!).  I made very
good use of my library card after that...

My favorite DWJs are Fire and Hemlock, Archer's Goon, Howl's Moving
Castle, Deep Secret, and Magicians of Caprona, not necessarily in that
order.  I have just bought a whole passel of her books and other rare
books I've been looking for online, and am hoarding them carefully. :)
I feel like a dragon in a cave keeping her gold warm... :P

Other things... I am a confirmed nerd, and also have a fascination for
sharp pointy objects (read: pocket knives) and pocket multitools.  I
like lots of different sorts of arts and crafts, and attempt, on and
off, to teach myself to draw, paint and sculpt.  I like making
jewelry, and I am teaching myself how to cook.  I want to get into the
sort of candymaking I watched my mother do when I was a child, and I'm
going to teach myself to decorate cakes.  I love classical and New Age
music, and have just discovered a new artist whose music I listen to
nearly nonstop.  I have never read a Harry Potter book. :P

Since this is quite long, I think I shall stop there.  Anyone else
left?  Jenwa?  Deborah?

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