Which Is Far Too Full of Muddled Thinking (on DWJ and Dahl)

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Fri Dec 10 22:29:50 EST 1999

> I had the exact same experience when I was pregnant. I wrote up
> pregnancy stat adjustments for a role-playing game that I was working
> on when I was about six months pregnant with twins, and (as far as I
> can remember - I can't find it, of course) dexterity went *way* down
> while intelligence and endurance went up a little. All from
> experience :-)

Lucky you two! I was much too sick, morning, noon, night, to think of
anything except the desirability of a long period of unconsciousness. It's
the only time of my post-infancy life when I've been unable (for more than
a few days) to write.

"Damn it—I’m the sitting tenant in this body, he’s just a squatter!”

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