Freedom & Necessity (Was RE: Susan Cooper)

Fri Dec 10 13:59:18 EST 1999

I've read both F&N and _Sorcery and Cecilia_. I liked both of them
while I was reading them, but I enjoyed S&C more. S&C feels "warmer"
to me. To me, it seems friendlier. It's similar to why I prefer
Robin McKinley's _Beauty_ to _Rose Daughter_.

And, linking to the Dahl thread, I've always found his stuff
"colder", too. I never want to re-read any of it. It's too
cruel. Makes me want to help the characters realize that their
real enemy, the person who's REALLY tormenting them, is their
author. I have an urge to give them to Grant Morrison, who should
be operating an "abused characters shelter" or something...
I thought his "Coyote Gospels" story (in Animal Man, a comic book...)
was absolutely brilliant. Wile E. Coyote finally tries to escape
his frame of reference.

One of the reasons I like DWJ's books is that her characters get
themselves into trouble. It doesn't feel like the author is unfairly
piling difficulties onto them. (Fair difficulties are great...)

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