New Book? And Intro too!

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Fri Dec 10 13:42:19 EST 1999

> Clare wrote:
> "Btw, according to there's a whole 
> tranche of DWJ books due to be republished in 2000, including F&H, the 
> Dalemark books, Charmed Life, Black Maria, Magicians, Tale of Time City, 
> Homeward Bounders, Dogsbody and possibly more.  Wow.  Has someone high up
> in British publishing been eavesdropping on our want lists?"
	Yes!! Oh yesyesyes!

	"My name is Clare, I'm 25, and right now I'm in Edinburgh, Scotland
> up my PhD on 15th century Italian Franciscans (don't even ask) veeery 
> s-l-o-w-l-y, and temping for the University to survive."
	Say, I spent a year there when I was an undergrad.  I loved it.
Lived in Ewing house in - what was it called - South Halls?  Do you know any
of the English literature faculty?  I've wondered what became of a couple of
them.  I don't suppose Edwards has survived the decade....   A fantastic
university library as well - and that wild Beltaine on Calton Hill - does
that still go on? I've always said I would go back just for that! I could
still hear it from Ewing House.  Duelling bagpipes, guys painted blue,
jumping over coals, huge bonfire, everyone dancing - it was amazing.  Oh,
you are so lucky despite the brute Latin!  Aiee, it was so long ago I've
even paid back the loans. Okay, okay - I'm done with raving about the salad
days (the ale, chips & vinegar days?).

>  "I'm afraid I dislike having to Think very hard, which is why I get you
> lot to do it for me.  I can log on in the morning and go, 'Ah, *thats* how
> Sophie's magic works!'.  Its great: I get the blinding insights, but you
> do all the hard work for me."
	Have you ever thought getting an M.B.A.?  I tease.


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