So...a survey

Nat Case hedberg at
Fri Dec 10 12:38:16 EST 1999

Hallie wrote:

>Quick clarification, please.  Are these lists to be strictly names of
>authors/books only, or do we get to put notes, comments, clarifications or
>qualifications as well?

You can certainly put in short annotations (several respondants have) but
I'm not sure how I'll put these into round 2. You might want to save them
until round 3 (comment and discussion).

On the other hand, once I'm working on part 2, it may just turnout I can get
comments in,

>Also on list 3, as we've discussed before, a lot of recommendations would
>depend on the age and preferences of the DWJ fan.  Do I get to make
>qualifications there?

This is I think taken as a given, and you don't need to specify which books
go with which. As I was compiling my list, I found myself thinking, "Ah,
someone who likes Homeward Bounders might like this..."

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