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Fri Dec 10 11:46:30 EST 1999

Hi, I'm Tarja (pronounced Tar-ee-ah) Rainio, just turned 30 (last Thursday
to be exact) and live in Helsinki, Finland. I study English and Comparative
Literature at the Helsinki University and should be starting my master's
thesis in a few months. It will be on the rewritten fairy tales by Sheri S.
Tepper, Angela Carter and Anne Sexton, but the actual handling of the
material is still fairly vague at this point =).

My first DWJ was Charmed Life in a Finnish translation. I discovered it at
the book-devouring stage when I was carrying home piles of books from the
library. Other favourites at the time were LeGuin's Earthsea books,
Tolkien's books and lots of other books.  Only three of DWJ's books have
been translated into Finnish, which means that I had problems finding her
work before I learned English well enough to read them in the original
language. But nowadays most of most of the books I read are in English.

I read mostly fantasy and science fiction, but also other kinds of
literature, for example some detective novels (current favourite being
Minette Walters, but Dorothy Sayers is the long time favourite), some
historical romances (Georgette Heyer), children's literature, etc.  I'll
save the lists for the survey. I have a little over 1500 books, including
most of DWJ's writing.

My favourite DWJ at the moment is Hexwood, but the Chrestomanci books and
the Dalemark quartet are close behind.  I've been on this list since
beginning, but mostly lurk. I love being on this list - it was a great joy
to discover that other people like her books too and that there is a forum
where one can exchange ideas about her work and possibly get
recommendations on other authors I might like.

Reading  the discussions here has offered completely new viewpoints on the
books I love and sometimes made me see details in them that I have
completely missed before, thanks everyone.

I sing with a small filk group called Naukuhuulet, but the last year or so
everyone in it has been so busy with other stuff that it has almost died
away.  I'm active in the Helsinki area sf community, and am on the
organizing committee of the Finncon 2000 (the Finnish national sf con which
is usually held every two years).

Favourite tv show at the moment is -dare I reveal it- Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Latest favourite film was The Matrix, others I've liked are The Ideal
Husband, Antz, nearly all of the Jane Austen filmatisations in the last few
years and even the new Star Wars movie wasn't that bad even though I lived
dissecting it with friends =).

But I guess that's enough from me. I hope some of the above has been
intelligible since I'm writing this after work and I only had about four
hours of sleep last night, so I'm almost sleepwalking at the moment...


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