New Book? And Intro too!

Clare Lappin ce_lappin at
Fri Dec 10 04:32:33 EST 1999

>Sarah wrote

>I was poking around Amazon's UK site and found a book by DWJ that I
>hadn't heard about.  It is called The Worlds of Chrestomanci and is >due to 
>be published in May of 2000.  Has anyone heard anything about this?  I am 
>hoping it is a totally new book and not just a compilation >of all the 
>Chrestomanci books out so far.
>Any thoughts?

I suspect this is just The Lives of Christopher Chant with a new title, 
though I could be wrong.  Btw, according to there's a whole 
tranche of DWJ books due to be republished in 2000, including F&H, the 
Dalemark books, Charmed Life, Black Maria, Magicians, Tale of Time City, 
Homeward Bounders, Dogsbody and possibly more.  Wow.  Has someone high up in 
British publishing been eavesdropping on our want lists?

Since I've comprehensively delurked myself, I'll reintroduce myself again.  
I've been here from the start, but very quietly.
My name is Clare, I'm 25, and right now I'm in Edinburgh, Scotland writing 
up my PhD on 15th century Italian Franciscans (don't even ask) veeery 
s-l-o-w-l-y, and temping for the University to survive. Since I spend my 
whole day typing and/or translating brute Latin (which I loathe and am very 
bad at), I tend to want comfort reading of an evening, hence DWJ.  I think 
she's the most wonderful absorbing comfort read: I know all the books so 
well that I can just revel in the atmosphere and pick up new little details 
without having to do much thinking.  I'm afraid I dislike having to Think 
very hard, which is why I get you lot to do it for me.  I can log on in the 
morning and go, 'Ah, *thats* how Sophie's magic works!'.  Its great: I get 
the blinding insights, but you do all the hard work for me.
And at this point I'd like to embarrass you all with some shameless praise.  
I have never had the honour of communing with such intelligent and 
insightful people.  There, stop blushing now.
I'm another Cooper fan - Melissa, I startled my boss the other day by 
practically leaping up punching the air and shouting "YESSS!" when you 
sprang to Cooper's defence.  And I'm dedicated to tracking down all the 
books that are mentioned on this list (loved McKillip & Perilous Gard, 
couldn't get on with Bujold...).
Well, back to lurking.  Keep up the good work!

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