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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Dec 10 06:52:54 EST 1999

Quick clarification, please.  Are these lists to be strictly names of
authors/books only, or do we get to put notes, comments, clarifications or
qualifications as well?

E.g.  I have several authors who would go on my favourite author list but
ONLY if I could make certain qualifications about them.  L.M. Montgomery
would be one - no single book would make it on list number 2, but I
wouldn't put her down as a favourite without saying that I really dislike
many of her books.  Similarly with Tanith Lee (as for Philip also, it seems
from the Intro.).

Also on list 3, as we've discussed before, a lot of recommendations would
depend on the age and preferences of the DWJ fan.  Do I get to make
qualifications there?

Anyone else been going around for the last few days muttering names of
authors and books, and suddenly startling people around them by bursting
out with an "I can't BELIEVE I forgot..."?

hallieod at

>So, come one come all. I have one entry. I think we'll do four categories:
>Send me (at hedberg at ) a list of 10-20 each of:
>1. your favorite authors (of any kind).
>2. specific books that you found deeply affecting (I call this my "books
>that changed me" list). Again, books may come from any category.
>3. books you'd recommend to a reader who likes DWJ and has never read
>anything else (i.e. if you are so inclined also include obvious authors you
>might assume EVERYONE has read like Lewis, Tolkien, LeGuin, etc)
>4. books and authors (especially children's fantasy or near-fantasy fiction)
>you find repellant, and by which you are amazed when it turns out friends
>and other basically decent people like them. (Thanks Sally)
>Nat Case
>Hedberg Maps, Inc.
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