New Book?

Helen Scott throgmorton at
Fri Dec 10 06:26:06 EST 1999

I do know that someone in the UK has bought the rights to publish the 
Chrestomanci books.

Someone else has bought the Dalemark sequence and was rumoured to be annoyed 
when they realised that they hadn't bought the Chrestomanci ones by mistake.


>From: Sarah Imholt <Arahsae at>
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>Subject: New Book?
>Date: 9 Dec 99 18:49:23 PST
>      I was poking around Amazon's UK site and found a book by DWJ that I
>hadn't heard about.  It is called The Worlds of Chrestomanci and is due to 
>published in May of 2000.  Has anyone heard anything about this?  I am 
>it is a totally new book and not just a compilation of all the Chrestomanci
>books out so far.
>      Any thoughts?
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