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Fri Dec 10 01:18:02 EST 1999

Greetings, O Wise and Wonderful Listees:
This is Becca. Since everyone is doing introductions, and I haven't spoken
for yonks, I thought I'd put in my two rusty pennies.

As I said, I'm Becca, Hallie's 13 year old daughter. I am currently
undergoing the process of education, in 2nd year (eighth grade) of school.
Mom first read DWJ to me when I was nine (she discovered it in the local
library while searching for something new to read to me). First, it was
Christopher Chant, and then Witch Week, Charmed Life, etc. By the time I
got onto HMC and F&H, I was hooked.

Other books I like are Ella Enchanted by Someone Something Levine, Crown &
Court Duel duet by Sherwood Smith, all Patricia McKillip, The Perilous
Gard, Eagle of the Ninth...ah yes, how my list does continue. If I had a
couple hundred years off school, I might be able to finish it. I love
writing, and I very much want to be a writer when I grow up. I also love
acting, drawing and singing. Speaking of which....

Elise wrote:

>        As far as other things go, I am interested in art, musics of the
>world (- I particularly like Dead Can Dance, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sheila
>Chandra, Anuna, anything that is a raga - eh, I could go on)

Just to add something cool, my singing teacher is in Anuna. She isn't in
the picture with all the big black capes by the river, and she wasn't in
Riverdance, but she's doing a carol service this Christmas that's supposed
to be amazing. Or, that's what *she* told me.

ANYway. I am writing this introduction while listening to Mom reading
'Eagle of the Ninth' to Cara, little nine-yr-old sister. Mom just
said..."'It was a good hunting.' The End." I jumped nearly out of my seat
and shouted, "that's not the end! What do you mean? That's wrong!"

It turns out that she did that to see if Cara was paying attention at all.
Oh well.
I must go listen to the end of the Eagle of the Ninth.

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