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Thu Dec 9 23:25:24 EST 1999

Hi, I'm Melissa Proffitt.  I'm almost 28, am married to a wonderful guy who
is also subscribed to this list so I have to tell just how wonderful he is
to make him feel better about himself. :)  I have three children, the
youngest of which has just managed to reboot my husband's computer all by
his little 18-month-old self, and I'm expecting number four (and hopefully
last) in June.  We recently moved from Vancouver, Washington (bye bye Sarah,
hope you're loving the new Powell's addition) to Salt Lake City, Utah for my
husband's job.  Since I'm a stay at home mother and a homeschooler, it was
presumed that I could do my job anywhere.  We'll just have to see about
that.  Salt Lake may be the best place to live in the US (source: Late Night
with David Letterman) but it is probably also the weirdest.

I like to read.  A lot.  More than housework, naturally, and I could really
use a new book right about now--that new Terry Pratchett book is being held
hostage by my husband, who has some old-fashioned notions about one not
being allowed to get one's Christmas gifts until the actual day.  Sheesh.

Other than this, I lead an extremely mundane life, far too full of cleaning
things that routinely get dirty again.  I understand this changes when the
children grow up, which would be nice.

I read _Power of Three_ when I was young, but for some reason didn't read
anything else by DWJ (or even recall that I had read anything by her) until
I was about 17 and someone told me to read _Howl's Moving Castle_.  I
remember that this was the one because we were talking on the phone and I
had the darndest time understanding that the first word in the title was
HOWL and not HOW or something like that.  I like all of DWJ's books to
greater or lesser degree.  What I have found is that the ones I love best
are the ones that I love on the first reading, but that others tend to
improve upon later readings.  My very favorite is _Archer's Goon_, which
seems to me a marvel of plot and structure and characterization and always
leaves me feeling so impressed with DWJ's abilities.  I also love _Howl_,
_Fire and Hemlock_ and _The Lives of Christopher Chant_.  (That reminds me:
I recently saw an edition of _Chant_ listed as "The Chrestomanci Novels #3".
How very odd.)

I will talk about other writers I like in another post, since I really do
have to feed and dress my children before lugging them to the nursing home
to sing Christmas carols with the rest of the kids in our church.  And have
I mentioned recently how much I like being a part of this list?

Melissa Proffitt
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