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Thu Dec 9 20:31:14 EST 1999

> I'm curious about how those who hate Dahl feel about Warner Bros cartoons
> (roadrunner and coyote, for instance), or the German kids classic Max und
> Moritz (Max and Maurice). I wouldn't be at all surprised if you get the
> pains with these, but I'm curious.

You're right, Nat, I hate 'em! I also loathe and detest THE SIMPSONS (and
about 70% of US sit-com)  - but oddly enough I can (almost) stomach SOUTH
PARK. I'm not sure why... maybe because it's *so* bad. 

I think what I react against is ugliness - in action, appearance, words,
manners, intention. And yes, "ugly" is subjective. I don't at all mind
looking at homely-looking (in the US sense of the word) people or dogs
etc... one of my favourite faces belongs to a weather-man on the TV who is
decidedly plain. "Ugly" to me is something aside, just as "evil" is aside
from "mischievous".

And there's another interesting thing - to me. I work, occasionally, for a
Polish Jew who runs a cartoon company, making animation films and TV. He
put out the Blinky Bill series in Australia and the UK. Sometimes he tells
me the story of something he wants rendered into script form. His natural
language is Polish, he also speaks German, Yiddish, English and goodness
knows what else. However, his syntax remains Polish. His wife is Israeli,
so to hear the two of them is fascinating. I say something in English,
Sandra translates it to Yiddish and tells Yoram, who replies in Yiddish
and/or Polish then translates it back again.

As I say, he speaks English, but sometimes we can agree on something and
then discover later we both thought it meant something different.

he was telling me about a character who was always up to "monkey business".
To me, that means mischief, to Yoram, it means evil - of the blackest and
most corrupt kind. I have no idea what he's translating there... must be
some European idiom I suppose.

Damn it—I’m the sitting tenant in this body, he’s just a squatter!”

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