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Thu Dec 9 16:51:48 EST 1999

Hello, all.

I thought I'd introduce myself despite the fact that I rarely post,
especially since I ducked & covered during the first round of intros
several months ago. 

My name is Jennifer Forsyth. I'm a Ph.D. student at the University of
Nevada, Reno, studying Renaissance drama (especially John Fletcher, who
will be on my list of Writers Who Changed My Life). Fortunately, I wised
up and moved to the Seattle area with my husband while I'm finishing my
degree (nothin' but dissertation left, but since I'm at the beginning, it
seems like a long way to go). I'll also add that I'm pregnant (child #1 &
possibly only) under the pretense that it has to do with at least
children's lit but really because as I recover from "morning" sickness I'm
kinda giddy and telling everybody.

I first read _Magicians of Caprona_ from the local (at that time Albany,
Oregon) library and was delighted. I don't think I was used to having
heroines with bulgy foreheads. It also prompted me to discover the heading
"fantasy"; I had always thought I liked "magic" books but as I searched
for more books by DWJ I miraculously found the right word, and that also
Changed My Life. (Imagine my delight when I discovered that in the adult
area they had an entire section of books about witches and magic and
knights and so on!) I'll save my whole list of Likes and Dislikes and so
on for the survey, but I'll just mention that everyone who hasn't tried
Tove Jansson's Moomin books yet should give them a shot.

Aside from books (mostly fantasy & children's lit with a little mystery
such as Ruth Dudley Edwards & Dorothy Sayers), I like to take my German
Shepherd for walks, kayak on Lake Washington, run (very slowly, but I've
actually done two marathons), and write books that are so far from the
concepts I have in my head that I despair.

That's enough for now, aside from the fact that I'd just like to say how
much the other people on the list sound like characters out of
my favorite books, which may be one reason I like reading everyone's
postings so much.

Jennifer Forsyth

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