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<< (There used to be a "Jodel" - actually, a Joyce if I remember - on the 
Digest - you're not she, are you? >>

Yes, that's me. (It's JOdel rather than Jodel, BTW).

While we are at it;

Joyce Odell, 53, spinster, native of Los Angeles, 30 years with the L.A. City 
Planning Dept in the (mis)classification of cartographer--I am actually a 
Graphics Designer but let's not go too far up that path, I can hold forth for 
(quite literally) hours and say nothing remotely charitable. Discoverd 
recessive geek gene when Section got a Macintosh. (BA -- Theater--Cal State 
L.A. 1968) Currently taking Photoshop classes at local Jr. College. Resident 
of inner city/east Hollywood L.A. since the Nixon administration. No pets. No 
close family, few close associates.

Reader of children's literature since I figured out how to sound out the 
words (why should I stop reading what I enjoy just because I've gotten 
older?). Also read various genre fiction, primarily mysteries, regencies (not 
general romance) Some fantasy and SF, although I admit to prefering space 
opera to "real" SF. 
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