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Thu Dec 9 04:32:36 EST 1999

Hi Amanda, and all.

I'm Gili, I'm 25 years old and currently reside in Tel-Aviv, where I work as 
an English to Hebrew translator for a daily newspaper (Ha'aretz), am 
seperatly translating the Harry Potter books for a book press owned by the 
major competing newspaper (Yediot Aharonot), and am still hoping to someday 
break into the theatre world as a director. I dropped out of this list for a 
couple of months while I was directing a play at the only fringe theatre 
festival in Israel - it was unfortunately a miserable experience for various 
boring reasons.

My first DWJ book was "Charmed Life", which I checked out of the British 
Council Library in Jerusalem when I was seven. I was quite the bookworm but 
only liked reading in English, which sometimes made it difficult for me to 
find good books in Israel, especially pre-internet.

While I was growing up I was shuttled a lot back and forth between Israel 
and the States, so I have lived in many places: Cambridge Mass. at 2, Oregon 
(Eugene) at 5, California (Stanford and Palo Alto) at 10, Pittsburgh at 14; 
and, for two months in second grade, Cambridge England. And recently spent 
another two years in Cambridge as a visiting undergraduate at Harvard, where 
for some reason I never ended up meeting Deborah, though we went as far as 
to set a meeting place (Uno's). So by 12 grade I had attended 10 different 
schools, and my degree (in dramaturgy) will be from 3 different universities 
(Hebrew U., Tel-Aviv U. and Harvard).

I had many favorite authors growing up, but few that I still enjoy as much 
today other than DWJ. I did like Dahl a lot, but I recently saw the movie 
version of Matilda and was utterly horrified by it, so that might have worn 
off a bit... I think the books I've always enjoyed most have been those 
categorised as children's book. I loved the Dr. Doolite books, E. Nesbitt, 
the Narnia chronicles, Noel Streatfield, Joan Aiken, read all the Andrew 
Lang fairy books, the Earthsea books, etc. etc. An old favorite I've never 
seen mentioned here is George McDonald's "The Princess and the Goblin". I 
wonder if I would still like it today - it was a bit dark. The sequel, "The 
Princess and Curdie", scared me. I think I have a problem with apocalyptic 
books - I don't like "The Last Battle" either, despite loving most of Narnia 
- and that might be part of my dislike for Susan Cooper. I remember I used 
to have the idea that British authors are better than American. This could 
be because I did all my reading in the British Council Library...

Asides from that I am a collector of Oz books, less so now than in the past, 
and know far too much about Oz and Baum. I have copies of "The Wizard of Oz" 
in 15 different languages - mostly I love the different illustrations. 
(There used to be a "Jodel" - actually, a Joyce if I remember - on the Ozzy 
Digest - you're not she, are you?

And I love cats. I'm sure DWJ does too, you can tell by her wonderful cat 

So that's me, in a nutshell...


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