Introduction #2

Sarah Imholt Arahsae at
Thu Dec 9 01:56:29 EST 1999

     As we are due for another round of introductions, I thought I would take
my turn.  I don't comment much, but I have been here since the beginning.  My
name is Sarah & I am from Portland, Oregon, USA.  I am 22 and recently
graduated from college with a degree in elementary education; I minored in
theology.  That sounds so dull!  I am scandalized as so few of my students
have read (much less heard of) DWJ.  Harry Potter is so much more common.  (I
think HP is well and good and I like what I have read, but it just doesn't
compare with Jones.)  I have been substitute teaching (ick) for several
months, but I just happened upon a long-term sub job (middle school English)
that may end up being permanent!  
     My first DWJ book was A Tale of Time City, which I discovered at my local
library.  I got hooked and have never looked back.  That must have been 5th
grade or so.  4th?  Who knows.  My faves now are Fire and Hemlock, Hexwood,
and Deep Secret.  
     My other most favorite author is Robin McKinley.  I cannot wait for
Pullman's final book in His Dark Materials and am also looking forward to
Garth Nix's next book to follow Sabriel.  I love writing, reading, and playing
soccer.  As far as music goes, I like The Beatles, U2, They Might Be Giants
and Ani DiFranco.  Love movies (recent faves are The Matrix and Little Voice)
and movie soundtracks.  I am a cat person who also likes dogs.  I like Dahl
but won't go into that now.  I am a pretty random person of varied tastes who
likes the wet and rainy Pacific Northwest!

Sarah in Oregon (say: Or-uh-gun, NOT Or-EE-gon or Or-ray-gon)
(There was another Sarah out there at one point, yes?)
(I just realized this whole post is full of parentheses.  Sorry!)

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is 
to the body."
      --Joseph Addison

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