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Thu Dec 9 01:25:58 EST 1999

I'm Kylie, and I live in Brisbane, Queensland.  But only for another six
months at the most, and then I'll be moving back to Perth, Western
Australia, which is home.

My first DWJ was _Dogsbody_, which I picked up in the school library at the
age of 9 or 10 after having gone past it many times because I didn't like
the cover.  I loved it and named my dog after Sirius. My next DWJ was _Power
of Three_, which I loved just as much if not more.  Then I read everything
she wrote that I could get my hands on.

The main thing I read is science fiction and fantasy, and I have particular
love for children's books.  I thought I was alone in the world until I
discovered rec.arts.books.childrens, and then this mailing list!  Other
favourite writers are John Varley, Robert A. Heinlein, Robert Westall, Robin
McKinley, John Marsden, and many more.

I am trying to own all the good books I have read, and now have
approximately 700 books.  I'm trying to own every edition of every DWJ ever
published.  I buy my books secondhand if I possibly can.  I just love
hunting them down in secondhand bookshops, and I'm trying to get to every
one in Brisbane in the time I have left here.  One day I want to go to the
UK or the USA and visit all the secondhand bookshops I can possibly find!

Nearly two years ago I discovered Alexandria Digital Literature's reading
recommender which has Changed My Life.  Not necessarily for the better.  I
used to reread my favourites a lot, but since I have been presented with a
list of recommended books I can't bear to think that I might be missing out
on something wonderful by not reading the next book on it, and I hardly ever
reread anything now.  And I rush through what I read to get to the next one,
and I don't think I'm savouring good books like I used to.  I am going to
have to break this addiction and alter my reading habits to a better mix of
new and old...

I work as a computer analyst/programmer.  I'm 28, married, no kids.  When I
do have kids they will have access to an excellent library of children's

I like public speaking and theatre, but I haven't been involved in either
just recently.  My favourite band is Weddings Parties Anything.  My
favourite TV show is Press Gang.  When I get back to WA I will continue
keeping ferrets, which are illegal in Queensland, and be involved in the
ferret club again.

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