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Wed Dec 8 22:34:16 EST 1999

I'm Paul. When I first reached university age, I wasn't sure whether I
wanted to study computers, philosophy, or psychology, so I decided to
study all three simulataneously. This is a decision I'm beginning to
to regret.

I have a tendency to pick things up just because they look
interesting, then lose interest. My life's path is littered with
discarded lessons in German, piano, trombone, juggling, and the like.
I'm currently learning to fence, but I don't know how long that will

I can't remember which was my first DWJ book. I think it may have been
_The Magicians of Caprona_. I suppose I'd better confess that I only
love about half the DWJ books I've read.
I'm still not sure what distinguishes the ones I love from the ones I
merely like.

My other favourite authors include Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Ellis
Peters, and Raymond Chandler. I avidly read science fiction, fantasy,
and certain types of detective novel; I would also avidly read comics,
but I don't have that kind of money. 

My favourite television series is _Doctor Who_.
My favourite non-sf television series is _Pie in the Sky_.
My television-watching habits, now that I come to look at them,
reflect my book-reading habits, as far as genre is concerned.

The two web sites I visit every day are and

"...the greater part of my wardrobe is black... it's a sensible
 colour. It goes with anything. Well, anything black."
  - Neil Gaiman

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