So...a survey

Nat Case hedberg at
Wed Dec 8 19:37:31 EST 1999

So, come one come all. I have one entry. I think we'll do four categories:

Send me (at hedberg at ) a list of 10-20 each of:

1. your favorite authors (of any kind).

2. specific books that you found deeply affecting (I call this my "books
that changed me" list). Again, books may come from any category.

3. books you'd recommend to a reader who likes DWJ and has never read
anything else (i.e. if you are so inclined also include obvious authors you
might assume EVERYONE has read like Lewis, Tolkien, LeGuin, etc)

4. books and authors (especially children's fantasy or near-fantasy fiction)
you find repellant, and by which you are amazed when it turns out friends
and other basically decent people like them. (Thanks Sally)

Nat Case
Hedberg Maps, Inc.
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