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Sally Odgers, 42. Born and bred in Tasmania (Australia), ancestors from
England and Ireland arriving here (some very reluctantly) in the 19th
Century. Married to Darrel for nearly 21 years, with son James 19, in the
Royal Australian Air Force and daughter Tegan, 15, just finished Year 10. 

I write for a living, books, stories, reading scheme, articles, storylines,
scripts etc. I've had about 160 books published. I write just about
everything *except* sport, police procedurals, current events and category
romance. My favourite genres are fantasy, sci fi, historical and romance,
often mixed together. 

I've been a DWJ reader since childhood, when I read DOGSBODY. I thought it
was interesting... but... Next I read POWER OF THREE, thought it was great
for 2/3 of the way and fell down after that. I was pretty sure she'd get it
right some time (the arrogance of youth!) CHARMED LIFE came next, and then 
I was pretty well hooked - though it took until FIRE AND HEMLOCK and HOWL'S
MOVING CASTLE to catapult her to my Top Ten. I'd enjoyed fantasy since I
was very young, but DWJ brings something to it that I haven't found in
other writers. I particularly love it when she doesn't dot every i and
cross every t... especially since my editors try to make me do just that.

The highest praise I ever got for one of my books was when a reviewer wrote
that it "had an air of Diana Wynne Jones" about it!

Visit me at
“I’ve been seeing things you wouldn’t believe...” Annabel Falmouth.
(O'Connor's Last Stand; Dark Star Publications, 2000.)


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