Introductions (Was RE: Brava Melissa and Hi Amanda)

Clara Chen cachen at
Wed Dec 8 17:16:04 EST 1999

On Wed, 8 Dec 1999 Philip.Belben at wrote a lovely
introduction, followed by:

> Next please!

Though I've recently de-lurked myself, I realized I forgot to mention
other interests (what? there are interesting things aside from books?) and
things of that sort.  Here we go again....

I'm Clara, 23 years old and slaving away in Baltimore MD doing medical
research (mostly public health issues regarding sleep disorders), with
the vague idea of turning it into a PhD thesis sometime in the near
future.  I generally spend my free time reading or finding new libraries,
though I also confess to a fondness for classical music, the Canadian band
Moxy Fruvous, and food (both making it and eating it).  Hello, everyone!

Anyone else? I must say it's particularly interesting to hear
re-introductions from people who have been on the list for a while.


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