Technical difficulties

JOdel at JOdel at
Wed Dec 8 16:41:02 EST 1999

I am pretty sure that the problem is just another AOL glitch, but most of 
Amanda(?)'s (e-mail handle- geminii at postings seem to be 
accompanied by a small (3-5k) attachment named Unknown which is always 
unopenable. It appears that this person generally posts with an included copy 
of the file that she is posting in response to. If this is the case then the 
attachment is probably just some peeled off extra text (AOL having limits on 
the ammount of text which may be included in the body of a message.) because 
the actual postings always LOOK as if they are complete. 

Since some of my own postings have been VERY long without showing back up in 
my mailbox with such attachments, though, I am not altogether sure of this. 
Is anyone else having this problem? Or can suggest what these peculiar 
"attachments" are?

Sorry to distract attention from the discussions, but not knowing what this 
is has been bugging me.
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