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Ok, if I were to post my 60-odd pages (and they are odd, all
right) on this very topic, and put them on my website somewhere,
would people read them?  I don't want to post them if people will
just make fun of me for being such a postmodernist.  ;)

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On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:

|I was thinking about Sophie's magic gift, and how her particular brand of 
|magic seems to be common to many different DWJ characters, though different 
|explanations are given for this in different books.
|Take Tanaquil, who weaves reality - at some point it is no longer clear 
|whether she weaves what happens, or what happens is what she weaves.
|Or Polly and Tom's stories in Fire and Hemlock.
|Or the enchanted typewriter in Archer's Goon.
|Or Abdullah's daydreams in Castle in the Air - note his foreknowledge of the 
|genie in the bottle.
|And I forgot the name of the girl in Witch Week with the storytelling gift. 
|Or for that matter, the curse on Simon.
|Anyone who has read many DWJ knows that when something is mentioned as a 
|legend or a dream, it is always going to crop up as some form of reality.
|I'm sure there are more examples of this type of magic in DWJ - telling a 
|story and then having it come true. I think this is because DWJ herself is a 
|teller of stories, and feels the power of being able to create a world 
|through inventing it. Her stories would not exist if she were not telling 
|And perhaps what rises out of many of her books is that we write the scripts 
|for our lives, in our perceptions of others and attitudes towards ourselves. 
|Which is quite different of course from the fatalism of Susan Cooper, and 
|brings me back on-topic and full-circle to some of my first posts away back 
|when this list was young.
|This post took a long time to write. Sigh.
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