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Wed Dec 8 11:52:16 EST 1999

	Hi all!  Amanda's post made me sit up and think.  Personally, I find
I've fallen into a swoon of list passivity and complacency and it ought to
stop.  So many posts I haven't replied to!  Very bad.  I'd like to propose
that we do a fresh round of introductions so we can properly welcome each
other again or for the first time.  Nat's good offices with the reading list
will do a lot toward introductions I think, but this might be a good
preliminary to the what promises to be an absolutely giant thread (can't
wait to read it all).

	Uh, I was going to leave it at that, but I should put my money where
my mouth is, shouldn't I?

	Lessee, I'm Elise.  I'm 29 and live in Washington D.C.  I work at a
law firm as a legal assistant.  I honestly thought I would become an
attorney when I started doing this, then I realized it was just not in line
with anything I really cared about, except employment  ;)  No idea what I'll
do next in that line, but meanwhile it's interesting enough.

	More importantly, I came across dwj at the local library when I was
about 8.  I kept pulling Charmed Life off the shelf, reading the jacket,
vacillating and putting it back on the shelf.  To think how close I came to
not taking it out!  But it was never really at risk, given my total devotion
to libraries - it would have happened eventually.  As soon as I finished it,
I started it again.  Reading dwj has been the cause, over 21(!) years of
much absentmindedness and selective deafness on my part at dinner tables,
concealed under desks, in cars, and when the dishes were supposed to be
being done.  I can't entirely attribute having to shop in the (yurk)
"chub-ette" pre-teen department to dwj - but many hours of inattentively
eating salt & vinegar chips and whatnot while I read and read and read -
well, you see how it was.  dwj put the seal on turning me into a bookworm
for life. Fait accompli.

	I definitely think these books made me grow up into a different
person than I otherwise would have been.  It's interesting to me that we
seem to choose to some degree what will influence us from our environment -
and it seems to me very felicitous to choose out of love.   So, I definitely
become a bit of a guard dog, all loyal and barking, when I compare dwj to
other books (just recently too ::blush::) but uh, sometimes it's hard to
retain perspective and realize there is plenty of attention and admiration
to go around in the world to all sorts of books - and after all, we are on
the list to pour it liberally over dwj's work!

	As far as other things go, I am interested in art, musics of the
world (- I particularly like Dead Can Dance, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sheila
Chandra, Anuna, anything that is a raga - eh, I could go on), religions,
philosophy, I like to read about physics, archaeology and finance in a very
layman sort of way, and above all I like to inquire into things and ask
"why" questions, especially about human nature and ethics, but also anything
about the world as I discover it, really. Uh, I have also been enjoying some
yoga classes and am contemplating taking martial arts and ballroom dancing
with my most excellent boyfriend, he of the satirical bent.  

	Well, that's all I can think of and is really a lot!

	Tag, you're it!


	P.S.  I am really owing on some things:
	*Welcome to all new people!
	*Congratulations to Deborah on finishing her thesis!
	*Excellent points made by Melissa again!  You must write Books!
	*Who wrote about Cooper and the Cold War?  That was brilliant and
seemed spot on to me, but I deleted the post when I shouldn't have.
	*Many thanks to Helen Scott for her dwj care package (oh, I am
remiss!) and I await publication of the next dwj to be able to return the
	*And I owe Hallie a letter in a big way (more shamed blushing).  It
will happen.

	Happy holidays to all who are having holidays :)

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