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Oh dear.  I had to interrupt my work in progress (on the response to
Melissa) to answer Amanda's post.  I'm sure I'll only be the first of many
to say that it was very upsetting to hear that anyone felt ignored,
unwelcome or like running away.  This is really what I was trying to get at
when I added the bit at the end of my last post, reassuring newcomers that
people on this list do NOT insult or down-put, simply because someone likes
or dislikes a book which they do not.

I'm saying this, NOT because I feel myself to be part of some inner circle,
know or be known very well by everyone on this list, or feel that you are
intruding (especially not the latter).  It is simply because I have seen
(over the roughly six months I've been on the list) people being respectful
in agreement or disagreement, interested in new people, and just generally
nice.  And this is very much true despite the fact that I have regularly
felt that my posts have been far from pearls of wisdom!

In terms of your original post, FWIW, I didn't happen to answer only
because I had an extremely traumatic few days back there, and when I did
get back near the computer, didn't particularly feel I had anything to
offer re Susan Cooper.  Not that I hate her, or would be insulted if I did,
just simply that I really had no very informed or strong opinion on her.
(Now in six months time, I may well have re-read the books, with a lot of
list member's ideas firmly in mind, and I might feel I had something to
contribute, or ponder, or ask other people's opinions on.  Or not.)  It was
certainly nothing to do with being unwelcoming, or feeling you'd intruded,
and I'm sure lots of other people who didn't post in reply would have some
similar type of reasons.

As for the make-up of the list, there are probably more people in the
States (? correct me if I'm wrong on that, someone), but quite a few from
the UK, 3 neighbours from Dublin (I'm one of these and my daughter is
another), several in Australia, and, I'm sure I'll forget or mix up a few,
also at least one in Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands and now Denmark
(friendly greetings again!).   And that's merely my faulty memory of those
who have identified their homelands.  I'm sure there are plenty of others.

But if there IS gossip, and I just don't know about it, and have been
excluded, then I take back all the nice things I just said about the rest
of yez! :-)

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>Well it's taken me a few days to reply to this but I finally got around to
>it. First of all, thank you to Sally and Melissa for acknowledging my
>presence - I was beginning to feel a little bit like running away with my
>tail between my legs.....! I'm new to this list and haven't had time to
>read all the archives what with spending my life running between theatres
>for what I call my career! I apologise if I was going over old ground and
>annoyed or offended some of you, but I wanted to share another of my
>favourite authors. It would appear that you all know each other very well,
>and I feel rather as if I'm intruding. As an avid reader of DWJ for the
>past 12 years ( I discovered her whilst homeless one freezing winter,
>hanging out in the library for warmth!) and due for my annual reread
>imminently, I would be very disappointed if that's the case. Please
>reassure me that new people are welcome even if they don't know all the
>Other than that, I was delighted to read Melissa's words on Susan Cooper.
>I'd been thinking about how to put what I felt about her work into
>writing, but Melissa has beaten me to it and done it with considerable
>aplomb! It was great to read, well done.
>Sally - I don't know if we're related, but would love to talk to you anyway.
>The idea of collating information sounds great to me, and provided I'm
>still here, I'd love to participate. Am I right in assuming that most of
>this list come from USA? Any more Brits out there?
>I'm looking forward to many more discussions on things both DWJ and not
>DWJ in the future!
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>> DWJ shows us people at their best even when
>>they're temporarily showing their weakest sides--shows what people can be
>>and ought to strive to be.  So while I like Cooper for her realism, I like
>>DWJ because of her optimism...and for not being unrealistic at the same
>Well, folks, I think Melissa has hit it squarely with the wonderful piece
>of prose above. Melissa, when are you going to write a Book?
>I'm going to save that as an example of someone encapsulating something I
>feel but have never tried to describe.
>For the record, I'm not a huge Cooper fan and now I know why; I'm a basic
>optimist and I, too, try to show (most of) my characters rising above
>circumstances. So, what I'm picking up on is the path I chose not to take.
>It seems I agree with Melissa and also a bit with Amanda. BTW Amanda, I
>wonder if we're related? You joined the list while I was away, but my name
>is Sally Odgers nee Farrell... and if you like to discuss other fantasy
>writers off-list with me, you'll be very welcome.
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