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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Tue Dec 7 16:19:44 EST 1999

I've been vaguely mulling over what Paula wrote a few days ago:

> I think that DWJ's humor is a huge part of
>her attraction for me. I also always really appreciate her intellect -
>she'd *never* make a mistake as basic as that eleventh year thing.
>Maybe the things you like about her are different.

It's an extremely interesting point.  Several months ago Becca was on
another list, and they sent around a "survey" type thing.  It involved all
sorts of questions such as favourite author, film, drink, do you believe in
extraterrestrial life etc.  I was kind of wondering though, if anyone on
this list would be interested in something similar with the "questions"
being our opinions of other authors.  We could limit it to other authors
who have (somewhere or other) been recommended as being good for those who
like DWJ, or basically touch on all the authors who have been
mentioned/discussed on the list.  (I, for one, was fascinated to see how
many other people loved Dorothy Sayers - not an immediately obvious shared

I suppose partly this is sheer curiosity - at the moment small snibbits of
infomation about other people's likes and dislikes are floating around my
head.  Partly getting together the old posts re: Other Authors to Compare
with DWJ made me think it would be fun to have people's comments or
thoughts about other authors altogether in a one post sort of format (Nat,
you win hands down, no contest, for organized recommendations!). I
certainly don't propose this as a scientific way to figure out why our
likes and dislikes coincide or otherwise (Melissa's great post came in
while I was in the middle of my ponderings).  But the topic of overlap in
our tastes is really fascinating.  And it's all too easy to understand
readily when someone on the list says he or she loves Jane Austen,  as I do
also, but be enormously surprised when tastes don't match.  All right, I'll
start the ball rolling (and possibly the flames a-flaming!) by giving an
example: I find it almost impossible to believe that anyone could love DWJ
AND Dahl.  Now I know I'm morally certain to be proved wrong about this,
but I'd be interested to see who loves them both, and what other books we
might disagree about.

Anyway, is anyone else even remotely interested in our doing this?  It
might be interesting to mention which is our favourite DWJ (or, if that's
too difficult, top two or three), maybe even a least-favourite one.  This
could even be an easy introductory type post for some newcomers who were
feeling shy about jumping in to on-going discussions.

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