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Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Dec 7 03:49:37 EST 1999

> DWJ shows us people at their best even when
>they're temporarily showing their weakest sides--shows what people can be
>and ought to strive to be.  So while I like Cooper for her realism, I like
>DWJ because of her optimism...and for not being unrealistic at the same


Well, folks, I think Melissa has hit it squarely with the wonderful piece
of prose above. Melissa, when are you going to write a Book? 

I'm going to save that as an example of someone encapsulating something I
feel but have never tried to describe. 

For the record, I'm not a huge Cooper fan and now I know why; I'm a basic
optimist and I, too, try to show (most of) my characters rising above
circumstances. So, what I'm picking up on is the path I chose not to take.
It seems I agree with Melissa and also a bit with Amanda. BTW Amanda, I
wonder if we're related? You joined the list while I was away, but my name
is Sally Odgers nee Farrell... and if you like to discuss other fantasy
writers off-list with me, you'll be very welcome.

“Fungus. It looked as if it probably exhaled dangerous vapours at Full Moon
and glowed in the dark.”  (KISSING COUSINS
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