Harry Potter

Liz Bowyer EBO at allsaints.wa.edu.au
Tue Dec 7 00:28:54 EST 1999

Dear All

After Harry Potter was well and truly skewered, I felt I should read one to find out what the brou ha ha was about.  So I read HP and the Chamber of Secrets.

I do agree that HP is not as good as DWJ, but I can see why they are popular and have struck a chord with the reading public.  Hogwarts School is an ideal place for children.  I always wanted to live in a castle with secret passages in it when I was little.  The clear and unthinking division between good and evil is also attractive for those looking for pure escapism.

The story is fast-moving and well constructed, with humorous touches.  The climax scenes were very well done.   I think that I shall read some more, particularly if I am in an unthinking mood.  DWJ books always require thought. I usually begin to care about her characters straight away but I found Harry Potter, himself, an empty vessel.  Good and Bad are also not as stark in DWJ but that makes them even better.

There is more to say on this subject but I don't want to take up too much more of your time.


Love  LIZ

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