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On Sun, 5 Dec 1999, Courtney M Eckhardt wrote:

> >> > Sorcery and Cecelia

> Well, you're in luck... there are currently two editions on
> Bibliofind.  Go to and search on the title.

I did, even before you suggested it, and found that they're both
first editions, too expensive for me, especially as I have to pay
shipping to Europe as well. I'll wait for a paperback to turn up...

> You can also try  They search for books, music, and
> videos, and give you price comparisons including tax (if any) and
> shipping... they're another site that's a search engine, and then you
> deal directly with the sellers.  The main advantage to them is that
> they search a lot more sites than, but I like their
> interface less.  Also, they query lots of booksellers, not necessarily
> rare/used/antique booksellers, which may or may not be a drawback
> depending on what you're searching for.

Sounds a lot better; I want to *read* books, not to *collect* them.



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