MacAvoy and Cooper

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Cooper has had a problem over most of her writing career of Taking It Too
Seriously, regardless of what the It in question may be. I've had the sense
that something has let go of late and let her simply have fun. I felt that
about the Boggart books: great fun, not a whole lot of Portent. I haven't
read her latest (involving time-travel to Shakespeare's London), but have
heard it's quite good.

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>> > Tea With the Black Dragon is good, but has anyone read 
>> Susan Cooper? Her =
>> > "Dark is Rising" series is fantastic 
>> I read only one volume of this series - only the first few chapters - 
>> and could not even finish it because it was so tiresome, so 
>> portentious,
>> above all so humorless...surely I must have picked the worst one of 
>> the whole series if anyone can say anything so glowing about it!
>I loved the series when I was a kid, and I think _The Dark is Rising_ is the
>best book.  I could never understand why the last book won the Carnegie
>Medal, when _The Dark is Rising_ is by far the best in the series!
>But I tried to go back and read the whole series a few years ago, and didn't
>get further than _Greenwitch_.  I still liked _The Dark is Rising_ best, but
>couldn't get into the rest anymore.
>Perhaps I try again in a few more years.
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