In which H. Potter is Defended (sort of)

PREISIG, Kylie Kylie.Preisig at
Thu Dec 2 18:30:19 EST 1999

I think a few people may indeed be discovering DWJ due to Harry Potter.  She
is always recommended on rec.arts.books.childrens when ever anyone asks for
books similar to Harry Potter.  But not all of them like her!

Not too long ago someone posted to r.a.b.c that they had read _Charmed Life_
due to the similar-to-Harry-Potter recommendations.  And they didn't like
it, and they didn't see how anyone could compare DWJ to Rowling!  Some
people have no taste...


> 	Yes, that's what I said to my b.f.  I mean, all this 
> time I've been
> hoping to see dwj get more attention (and I think she has had 
> more in the
> past 10 years-ish than before, anyway), but I guess I come 
> down to feeling
> like Rowling may crack open a door through which readers may, 
> might, maybe
> go on through and find many other books.  
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